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Today Caterpillar is one of the safest manufacturing companies in the world, but not long ago it was one of the worst safety performers in its industry. Since 2003 the company has been on a journey to eliminate injuries and build a culture of safety excellence. With more than 90% improvement in our Recordable Injury Frequency and tens of thousands of injuries prevented, the results have been so rewarding that our partners in a variety of industries have adopted the same model for continuous improvement. Caterpillar Safety Services is a team of safety culture and process improvement experts who take the Caterpillar methodologies into our partner organizations, facilitating a proven approach to world-class performance.

What business challenges do our solutions solve?

Whether it’s breaking through a performance plateau, improving safety leadership skills, or a desire to achieve best-in-class results, the tools Caterpillar uses to improve culture deliver on a multitude of objectives. Using the Zero-Incident Performance (ZIP) Process and tools that build leadership, accountability, communication skills and robust safety processes, we engage organizations at all levels, involving everyone from the C-suite to the front line. Through our train-the-trainer methodology, we demonstrate how to apply our approach and tools effectively, then prepare our partners to be self-reliant practitioners of the process. Our mission is to help every business and industry advance along its journey to safety excellence.





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  • Safety Culture Transformation
  • Effective Leadership Skills for Safety Excellence
  • Accountability & Recognition Techniques
  • Effective Communication



  • My Brain Made Me Do It
  • S.T.A.R.T. (Supervisor Training in Accountability & Recognition Techniques)
  • Leading for Safety
  • Foundations of Communication
  • Leadership Roundtable



Many organizations know they need to improve safety and might even have a strategy developed, but they also need a clearly defined and understood process to get them from where they are today to sustainable safety excellence. Our ZIP™ Process is a proven process to support organizations through a safety culture transformation.

Safety Leadership Assessment was developed after more than five years of research and collaboration from behavioral assessment experts, Development Dimensions International (DDI). The Safety Leadership Assessment is a statistically valid tool that assesses key leadership attributes that, when demonstrated with a high degree, will positively influence employee safety behavior.

Safety Perception Survey is a statistically valid assessment tool that reveals the attitudes, beliefs and perceptions of employees at every level of the organization; this is the baseline to understand your existing safety culture. The assessment provides you an understanding of the organization's strengths as well as areas of improvement. The qualitative data from the Safety Perception Survey helps guide organizations when developing an improvement strategy.

Safety Culture Training Programs offer important leadership and safety culture topics to prepare and support leaders and the entire organization for sustainable safety excellence. These programs can be purchased for your organization to facilitate or can be conducted as an instructor-led workshop by Caterpillar experts.

Cat® Safety VR is an immersive safety training experience. Virtual reality (VR) training provides a realistic, interactive experience resulting in greater retention and recall in a safe and controlled environment. Integrating qualities of a best-in-class learning experience, this VR training includes participation, task competence, feedback and follow through, and defined expectations. Since 90% of incidents are caused by unsafe behaviors, not unsafe conditions, this training focuses on learning safe behaviors, proper procedures and effective communication on a job site.