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DC Automation is focused on helping businesses to implement practical automation solutions 'that really work', and from a totally independent view point. This is thanks to knowledge and experience gained over 35 years in the development, installation and lifecycle support of processing automation for the Mail, Parcel and Freight logistics industry, delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.

We can help your business compete through the professional implementation and support of processing solutions.

From simple to advanced automation solutions, we can assist you in:

  • Assessment of needs and business case development
  • Improving an existing automated system
  • Design and implementation of a new system
  • Supplier engagement
  • Creating safe working environments
  • Efficiency and streamlining for maximum returns
  • Maintenance and lifecycle strategies
  • Documentation
  • Ongoing support



Dexion Acacia Ridge offer tailored distribution solutions for our clients based on our knowledge and experience in automated systems. Due to the complexities of system integration, this type of project can provide challenges during the design phase and David has assisted us with the design of several automation solutions submitted for our clients’ distribution operations.

David has a broad understanding of distribution processes with an emphasis on the logistic component of the operation, incorporating product transfer, picking and order finalisation. David’s experience in conveyor and systems operation and control has been invaluable in our design criteria across several implemented projects.

We have also utilised David’s expertise to assist with data analysis on projects we had designed to ensure that our calculations and assumptions were correctly applied. On several occasions his inclusion has resulted in changes being implemented prior to solution submission to the client. These changes have created operational improvements and cost-savings for our client.

David’s previous experience with conveyor and systems design was one of the initiators behind his involvement with our business. However, it has been his attention to detail and safety conscious approach to all aspects of the automation process that have been invaluable to both Dexion Acacia Ridge’s design team and our clients.

Phil Skinner, Owner, Dexion Acacia Ridge

Dave is an exemplary people leader and trusted advisor who possesses a natural ability to create balance between head and heart. These collaborative leadership traits serve him well in being able to genuinely engage, listen and consult with a vast and diverse stakeholder group. Dave’s engaging and motivating nature has allowed him to build strong rapport with others and he continues to maintain a large and diverse network who willingly support his endeavours.

An exceptionally strong advocate for Safety and continuous improvement, Dave possesses an incredibly vast level of knowledge and experience across all phases of the asset management lifecycle from automation infrastructure design and delivery through to operations and maintenance from both a strategic and operation sense.

During his time at Australia Post, Dave consistently led and supported others through the complexities and ambiguities of change. He drove and communicated a clear vision and ensured strategic objectives were clearly communicated.

He displayed a genuine passion for people development and growth and always supported and encouraged others to realise their full potential. Dave provided his team and the broader 400+ engineering group with exceptionally strong leadership. His motivation and drive and nurturing ways fostered a cohesive, communicative and trusted high performing team environment.

Paul Pafumi, Head of Innovation, Metro Trains Melbourne


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dave cullen



Head of Engineering

For the National Logistics Automotion Fleet, Australia Post.

Australia Post

Establishing and running a reliability engineering team for National logistics Automation Fleet.

Design Engineer

Designing in-house parcel sorting automation installed across Australia and in Bangkok.



QLD University of Technology

CP Eng and Eng Exec

Institute of Engineers Australia

Accredited Assessor

SIRF Roundtables Australian Maintenance Excellence Awards 


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