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Drug Safe WorkplacesAt Drug Safe Workplaces (DSW), we like to do things a little differently from other providers. DSW prides itself on being a client centric business.

Firstly, we highly recommend that a review of your Business’s Drug and Alcohol policies be performed, prior to any consideration of the level of testing or type of testing. Drug Safe Workplaces provides this service free of charge with no an obligation to use our service. The reasoning behind this approach is to ensure whatever actions considered are covered within the business’s Drug and Alcohol policy, which in turn protects the organisation, should there be any fair work challenge at a later stage. 

Experience has shown that employers have completed testing with other testing providers, only to find that a non-negative test was later dismissed, as the policy did not support the employer. We are not a transactional styled business, which means that whilst we will provide drug and alcohol testing, our priority is to partner with you, to ensure that you manage drugs and alcohol policy in line with the regulator’s requirements. We do this by reviewing your workplace risk management policies, prepare and deliver education and continually review and update you on new and relevant legislation. 

Whilst partnering with our clients, we have their best interest in mind, and one of the major differences is most providers recommend testing on 3 or 4 monthly basis. We strive to accommodate the annual number of tests you wish to complete or a budgetary requirement and make that work better for you. We can split the number of tests from your annual amount across monthly or in weekly testing schedules, this delivers a far better return on investment, minimise the downtime of work or production and creates a valid deterrent for employees, as they quickly realise that the next testing session will not be, could be but potentially days or weeks, rather than months away. 

Policy development and ongoing monitoring of the policy is something we take seriously. As previously mentioned, without a compliant policy in place, you are potentially putting your business and managers at risk of breaching the regulatory requirements required, for workplace drug and alcohol testing. 

Closely following policy, is the need to educate your workforce around the effects of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. DSW provides business with either personally delivered training solutions or via video toolbox training DVD’S that can be delivered repeatedly, to all staff throughout the year, to ensure that you meet your regulatory educational requirements. as set out by the regulator. 

From the time of sample arriving at the lab, we set a benchmark to have the result back in your hands within 24 hours. From our clients' experience, we know that this is not always done by other testing companies. If you are standing a worker down till the report is back, we understand that you need the quickest time frame possible with the best results, to reduce the costs to you and reducing stress for your workers. 

we offer no lock in contracts with us, (yes we want your business, but we want you to be happy with our services) and we believe that we are approachable and flexible and it is all about our customer experience and the service that we provide your staff. 

Drug Safe Workplaces can assist across all areas of policies, education and training, monitoring drugs and alcohol in the workplace. We offer pre-employment screening, oral and urine testing both on a ‘blanket’ and random basis, incident testing and return to work testing. 

All businesses must manage budgets and cash flow, Drug Safe Workplaces will work with you to ensure we deliver the maximum impact within the budget you have available. We can achieve this in many ways, but starts with first understanding our clients and their business needs.

HEAD OFFICE: beenleigh, qld

services: South east qld & northern rivers


Rob Bruhl, Drug-Safe franchise owner servicing the South Brisbane and surrounding areas talks about the risks of not providing a drug-safe workplace for your employees.


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Andy Truscott



  • Drug and Alcohol workplace risk management services.
  • Policy review and development.
  • Training and education.
  • Testing and screening services.
  • WHS advice.
  • Environmental assessments.
  • OH&S management. 





"We have just started using Drug-Safe for Drug and Alcohol Testing. They are educational, professional and great people to work with. Thank you for your services and for all the assistance you have provided to us. Thank you to Andy for his professionalism and care. I would recommend Drug-Safe to any company!"

Debbie Stanley

"When you first meet Andy you will realize that you are being helped by a total professional who has the best interest of every employee in mind. With a combination of a documented past expertise in Work Safety and a warm and empathetic nature, I have had excellent results with his services and can recommend him without hesitation."

Victoria Cornwell

"Thank you for your assistance with the drug and alcohol risk management program.The staff really appreciated the training sessions.Look forward to working with you on a ongoing basis supporting the program."

Steve Goddard

"Have worked with Andy on a number of occasions now and his services have always been conducted with the highest levels of professionalism. Very approachable and always willing to provide sound advice for improving all areas of workplace safety."

Mike Crawford