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YMCYour Maintenance Coach provides training, coaching and consulting in all aspects of Reliability Excellence.

With a combination of both online, public and private programs available the aim of everything we do is to increase your equipment up-time while at the same time developing capability in your people.





"Simon has developed and refined his understanding, knowledge and methodologies all of which have given him a solid education and significant operational experience in determining and implementing appropriate maintenance improvement strategies."

Ash; Site Manager

"Simon has given great support to staff to date and has had a collaborative approach to providing the best solution for our site. Having a holistic view and an open and transparent end goal, communication between myself, staff and Simon has been very effective to minimise double handling and in the end to have a simple and seamless process to follow."

Michael; Maintenance Manager

"I highly value and recommend Simon for his excellent technical skills in the area of Equipment Reliability Improvement and also for his good grasp of understanding and balancing demands of broader business needs and outstanding communication skills."

Peter; GM Operations



Reliability Excellence training, coaching and consulting


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Simon Murray





YMC_SuperheroThe Reliability Maximiser: A Free Crash Course To Transform Your Maintenance Team Into Superheroes In The Next 90 Days”

What does this webinar cover?

♦ The 9 accelerators to Reliability Excellence (And which one 97% of Maintenance Teams should focus on now)
♦ How to transform your team from fragmented villains to engaged superheroes
♦ 3 Keys to designing an effective Reliability Strategy

Webinar Details