WHEN:  Commencing 12:30pm 2 June 2021 - Concluding 12:30pm 3 June 2021

WHAT:  A 2 x half-day program including a networking dinner and overnight stay

WHERE:  Cypress Lakes, Hunter Valley NSW


It is fundamental in the modern Maintenance Manager's role to find, develop, and deploy talent.  However, the role of the Maintenance Manager in leading a maintenance team is becoming increasingly challenging.

Everywhere we look, budgets are shrinking while assets are expected to run at full capacity. Every day we find ourselves fixing those random failures that disrupt our maintenance plans while endeavouring to keep our skilled people engaged.

You have the hard skills.  But as a maintenance LEADER, the demands of leading stressful, complex, and ambiguous environments is tough.

Maintaining clarity of purpose and mental agility is paramount. Building a focussed team that collaborate and are confident to move in the direction you provide is vital.

Our 'Maintenance Leader Retreat' will introduce you to key leadership skills to deal with these challenges.

We will explore:

  • How you manage your mindset and attitudes to remain motivated under trying circumstances.
  • How you lead your team when uncertainty and complexity show up.
  • How to focus on collaborative problem solving when under pressure to find a sustainable solution quickly.
  • Importantly, this retreat will be an opportunity to network with other maintenance and reliability leaders in the IPA network.
  • It will be a golden opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise and participate in some engaging and enjoyable discussions.

Solutions begin with a conversation!


The Program

DAY 1 

Our first half-day will be led by BeChallenged, an organisation experienced in delivering workshops focusing on teamwork, communication, planning and leadership.

12:30:  Registrations

13:00:  Introductions

13:30:  Session 1 | Mindset, Beliefs & Attitudes 

This session will examine your mindset, beliefs, and attitudes to create and maintain your own level of motivation.  It will also drill down into the powerful relationship between beliefs, behaviours, and results!

Key Learnings

  • Understand habitual behaviours and how habits can help or hinder success.
  • Exercise choice over personal motivation levels.
  • Maintain a positive mindset in challenging environments.
  • Appreciate the crucial importance of how attitude impacts performance and results.
  • Raise self-awareness of limiting beliefs that may be hindering performance.

15:00:  Afternoon Tea
15:30:  Session 2 | The Infinite Loop

This session is a powerful tool for debriefing on complex issues.  The session will focus on interactive learning, combined with continuous feedback and how this promotes and builds efficient and effective teamwork for time sensitive problem-solving workplace scenarios.

Key Learnings

  • Real-time communication
  • Interactive learning
  • Leadership & Empathy
  • Continuous feedback scenarios

17:30:  Wrap up of the day

18:00:  Networking dinner with discussion/presentation by Vahid Pourghadiri from AGL

DAY 2 

Our second half-day will be facilitated by 10000Hours, an organisation skilled in building mastery for people and teams for over 20 years.

07:00:  Breakfast

08:15:  Recap and discussions from previous day

08:30:  Session 1 | Making Sense of my Leadership Practice

You have the technical skills, but as a maintenance leader the demand of leading in stressful, complex, and sometimes ambiguous environments is tough. There are pressures above, below, and either side. With the demands of all these stakeholders it can be difficult to find time and space for learning about our own practice of leadership.

Maintaining clarity of purpose and mental agility is paramount. Having a maintenance or reliability team that collaborates, is focused and is confident of the direction in which you lead them is vital.

At this half-day session, we will explore the practices of leadership that work in complexity and uncertainty. We will learn how to work with group dynamics in real time by using our own group as a case study.

You will come away with insights into your own comfort with ambiguity and a suite of options for making progress with people issues when you cannot be certain what will work.

This immersive experience will be a powerful experience in your leadership education.

10:00:  Morning Tea

10:30:  Session 2 | Making Sense of my Leadership Practice continues

Key Learnings

  • Learn how uncertainty shows up in the workplace.
  • Distinguish complex problems from complicated problems.
  • Read a group dynamic in real time.
  • Intervene in a group in a productive way.
  • Be able to raise and lower productive discomfort with your group.
  • Know how to shift between working on the task or the relationship.
  • Learn how to keep learning about leadership.

12:30:  Retreat concludes with casual lunch





Expressions of Interest

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Solutions Begin With A Conversation!

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