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At Prophit Systems, we believe that if you equip your supply chain to serve your customers impeccably and at the lowest possible cost, you will dominate your market.

We work with manufacturing and distribution companies to dramatically improve the effectiveness of their supply chains.

Our process consulting and best of breed software integrates with and augments our clients' existing systems.

The Prophit Impact Program automates supply chain processes then liberates and elevates the planning roles from 'reactionary' through 'planning to serve' then on to 'cost optimised.'

Since 2005 our Prophit Impact Program has delivered an average ROI of 452% to our clients.

By automating the clerical tasks and making transparent the cost drivers and key decision points within your supply chain, your planners will move to planning by exception. They will be able to make faster, more informed decisions, which translates to improved customer satisfaction, clear cost visibility, and faultless working capital management. Ultimately it will be your own people who deliver these massive and sustainable financial improvements in your business.

Head Office: Sydney | Locations in: Chicago and Singapore | Services: World-wide



"We gave Prophit Systems the brief that they must use the existing MEAC interface.  Without documentation, they reverse engineered the data structures and achieved a scheduling solution in 5-6 weeks (from start of process) that has been used continuously since.  With continued refinements they have achieved more than the entire MEAC project.

E-planner is a low cost option which has delivered on what we agreed could be achieved. What was really impressive was the speed of implementation and the no fuss approach to getting things done ”

Colin N; Amcor Cartons

We [now] have a dynamic demand management system which easily and quickly provides us with the right information at the right time and in the right format.”


“The cost of the Prophit MPS (Purchasing Facilitator) was around $ 20,000, we calculated this project would save us in the order of $ 250,000 per annum in transport alone”

John S; RLA Polymers


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  • Supply Chain Optimisation.
  • Supply Chain Consultancy
  • Supply Chain Software Solutions.
  • Executive Search Solutions.



Our best of breed software enables you to plan, execute, and report your supply chain strategies more efficiently and profitably. Our suite includes:

  • Prophit Fast Cut Capacity Planning
  • Prophit MPS: Inventory optimisation/Master Production Scheduling/Vendor managed inventory
  • Prophit E-Planner:Advanced planning and scheduling
  • Prophit Autostock: Replenishment optimisation
  • Prophit Progress: Production reporting and shop floor MES
  • Prophit Control Tower: For managing multi site planning
  • Prophit Dashboard: Predictive analytics presented on dashboards
  • Prophit Opt: Machine learning, AI and solver libraries for cost optimisation