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Business Overview

Most managers hate constraints and bottlenecks. After all constraints and bottlenecks cause delays, don’t they? Lewis Trigger presents a complete turnaround, showing managers to value their constraints by leveraging them - to look after them, to protect them from nasty surprises, and to enable managers to deliver consistently better results from the resources you already have. After all Constraints and bottlenecks are what ultimately control the output of your business. Constraint Innovation based on the internationally acclaimed Theory of Constraints (ToC) and combines other leading management doctrines such as Lean.
Lewis Trigger is a recognised international expert in Constraint Innovation, Constraint Innovation is applicable to any organization or system. It is all about unlocking value via leveraging the organisation’s constraints, be it operational, market, policy….whatever obstacle there is that prevents the organisation from getting that much closer to its goal.
Constraint Innovation is all about being EFFECTIVE rather than EFFICIENT.
Australian-born, Israel resident, Lewis is an Industrial Engineer with over 25 years of experience in applying the Theory of Constraints (TOC) within the Israeli military’s technology and logistics systems, within government and industry. Lewis had the privilege of being tutored in TOC by its founder, Eliyahu Goldratt.
After completing his graduate studies at the University of Queensland, Lewis went on to serve 16 years as an Officer in the Israeli Air Force. His experience in the Israeli Air Force, followed by holding senior management positions in the Israeli Hi-tech market, has provided Lewis with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Operations, Maintenance, and Project Management.
Today he heads his own company, based in Israel that provides Industrial Engineering Consultancy and Workshops to both the defence and commercial markets in Israel, Australia, and India.
In addition, he teaches Management courses in several Israeli colleges including the prestigious M.B.A program at the University of Tel Aviv.
Over the last 19 years, Lewis has shared his expertise through his workshops to many leading Australian organisations such as Rio Tinto, Newcrest Mining, Oz Minerals, Iluka Resources, Schweppes/Asahi, Visy, Arnott’s, The Australian Submarine Corporation, Lyell McEwin Hospital SA, AKD Sawmills, The Spotlight Retail Chain, Dairy Farmers, Coopers Brewery, Government agencies at a Federal, State, and Local level. His public workshops throughout Australia have been sponsored by the University of South Australia, Industry Partners Australia, APICS, AIG (The Australian Industry Group), QMI (Queensland Manufacturing Institute), QUT (Queensland University of Technology), The University of Queensland.

Training Provided 

Cutting Edge Project Management
Delivery Method: Public, Online, On-site

An innovative and novel approach applied to the realm of safety buffers on a project's critical path. In contradiction to traditional thinking, Constraint Innovation not only claims that individual task safety buffers don't assist in meeting schedules, they, hinder the meeting of schedules on time.


Managing Constraints to Optimise Outcomes
Delivery Method: Public, Online, On-site

The workshop focuses on 3 critical management challenges, providing Constraint Innovations breakthroughs in Leveraging Constraints, KPI’s, Synchronising Shared Resources in a dynamic environment.



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