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Nothing validates the team's hard work and passion at Industry Partners Australia than the trust of our customers.

Analysing your feedback is an integral part of our continuous improvement strategy, and we strive to provide you with the best quality events, networking opportunities and customer service.

The bottom line is; we really do listen.  

~ The below data are averages rated out of 10 and are current as of 1 May 2024 ~

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NSW Maintenance & Reliability Retreat
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NSW Maintenance & Reliability Retreat
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The networking opportunity and reputation of IPA are what initially attracted my interest. Although sceptical at first, I decided to join and found out quickly that their knowledge exceeded my expectations. Moreover, they spoke the same language in the right environment for our people to push themselves, which I believe is valuable to learning.
I love the format of hosted events enabling you to go into different businesses, providing an opportunity for those who've been working hard to showcase what they've done and have questions from the outside companies to challenge their thinking.   
Senior Leader dinners provide a great opportunity as a guest speaker to share knowledge with your peers and realise they also have the same experiences and issues.
Zip has put half a dozen employees through The Evolve2 Leadership Program. I'm grateful for the opportunity to attend the final presentation to support our people, who have issued fantastic reports.
They possess an excellent offering for all levels within a company. 
I can highly recommend IPA. The way they've worked around the challenges and restrictions at events during Covid is nothing short of favourable. 
Mike Conyers; Director of Operations - Asia Pacific

Zip Water