About Us

'Solutions Begin With A Conversation'


Our History

Business is all about adaptation and ensuring you are still relevant in a world of changing priorities and customer needs.  2020 will be remembered for COVID-19 and the global impact, but it gave us an opportunity to look into the future of our business and has led to the release of new products and innovation.  To reflect these exciting changes but to maintain our heritage we decided to take the bold step of changing our name and branding from SIRF Roundtables QLD & NSW to what you see today as Industry Partners Australia (IPA).

Our history before rebranding goes back more than 30 years to Victoria 1988, when SIRF (Strategic Industry Research Foundation) was originally founded by the Australian State Government of Victoria in conjunction with the Australian Academy of Technical Sciences and Engineering and the CSIRO.  The initial long-term goals for SIRF was to bridge the gap between the private sector and publicly-funded research organisations, through initiating and managing industry-led R&D and innovation projects.  For the short-term innovation goals, SIRF set up an industry lead, collaborative network called Roundtables which began in 1993.

By the year 2000, it was found that the Roundtable approach provided a powerful opportunity for members to explore important business issues to common problems. Therefore, in July 2000, the development of a new organisation ‘SIRF Roundtables’ began to provide focused support for learning networks.

Today, IPA will continue to support that proud heritage by providing industry with the same opportunities of coming together, to engage, share learning and create long time connections and partnerships.

Our Vision

To create a community of leading professionals and partners with the common goal of improving the future of Australian industry, collectively making a difference.

Our Mission

Engage | Learn | Connect

We will achieve our vision by,

  • Looking to Engage our community of members and partners towards our common goal,
  • Giving opportunities to Learn through sharing ideas and innovation,
  • Ensuring we Connect organisations, people and partners to create business excellence.

Our Products

Our products are designed to continuously drive towards our vision with a great mixture of traditional networking and training opportunities, but to also include new online innovative content and other new features, the most important thing in regards to our product portfolio is that we will continue to adopt new technologies, but also listen to what our members and partners would like to see, in this way we create something truly unique in industry today.

Our current product range includes: Working groups bringing like minded professionals together to share business excellence ideas in a open and safe environment, Leadership Events ensuring leadership in our membership get the opportunity to come together to talk business strategy, Site Tours nothing beats seeing something in action yourself, Incredible training opportunities with our Evolve2 Leadership program, problem solving through RCA Rt and partner training and specialist speaker events, our social side will include Webinars, Blogs, Newsletters, Social Giving.  These will be delivered a combination of live events and on line platforms.

Key Features

Website & Systems

Fully integrated with our functional systems to give you an immersive experience.

Our People

Coming from a diverse range of industries and dedicated to exceptional customer service.



Our Members

Our greatest asset of some of Australia's finest companies and individuals.


Our Partners

Specialised training and consulting experts strategically selected to support our members.



Our Events

A diverse range of traditional networking, online, and training opportunities.



Over 25 years of experience in industry networking and training.



Engaging members and partners to share business excellence and innovation.


An extensive range of social programs and support of various charities.



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