The Power Of Networking

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Industry Partners Australia (previously SIRF Roundtables QLD & NSW) provides an opportunity for organisations and professionals to network and gain knowledge from their peers in industry.

Today was exceptional, thanks to Volvo & Mack Trucks in Queensland. We had a full house of twenty people, who were given the opportunity to discuss operational excellence with the site specialist, and then go on an amazing facility tour.

This was not an unusual event for us, we facilitate over 300 per year nationally; nor was the feedback different from most events, I have attended over the past 4 years. So what was special today?  

The day just reminded me of why we do what we do at IPA. It is so critical for businesses and professionals, to have an active network and to be continuously challenging their own thought processes.

On a personal level after 4 years in this role, it still amazes me how much I continue to learn through networking, and opening myself up to new concepts. The benefits truly outweigh all the books I have ever read, all the conferences and training I have sat through over the years. To learn something from a peer who has experienced the issues you are facing, and has achieved success, is an invaluable insight.

It also amazes me how trapped we become in our own industrial sector; today we had attendees from several different sectors; explosives, packaging, arms manufacturers, building products, health care, steel industry, FMCG, & mining supplies; this kind of diversity is also critical to the networking equation.

Get out there and experience something different and share your knowledge. Let's all work together in making Australian industry great again.

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Gary Silversides

Chief Executive Officer