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The 8 Characteristics of High Performing Teams

We've all experienced, or at least witnessed,
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Exception Based Business Reporting

As an organisation matures, greater control over a growing number of metrics becomes critical to your success.
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A purposeful team...7 features of a high performance team!

At Shape Consulting our purpose is to help our clients realise their potential through making incremental and sustainable improvements.
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How do we achieve the Strategic Plan?

Often organisations spend valuable time and money on reviewing their problems, then another review and another, the cycle goes on identifying the same problems year on year.
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Why do Business Improvement teams often struggle to get results?

As an organisation whose core services revolve around Lean and Continuous Improvement, Efficiency Works regularly interacts with Business Improvement (BI) teams that are established with the central responsibility for making tangible productivity gains within their host organisations. 
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Healthy teams drive greater value

We’ve all heard the saying that people don’t leave companies, they leave managers.
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