Your Why Can Change

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I moved away from corporate in February 2012 to start a new career in helping Australian businesses come together in a collaborative learning environment, sharing great ideas and thoughts to help each other achieve greater things.

After nine years, I still love what I do, and we have transformed the old business SIRF QLD & NSW into Industry Partners Australia (IPA), which aligns more with what I want to achieve in the future.

So why the title of "Your Why Can Change"?Dont know

I have always worked in industry, from being a young engineering apprentice through to my last corporate role of running several factories; it is part of my DNA.

I saw in 2012 that by bringing businesses together to share ideas, I was contributing to the future of Australian industry in some small way; this became my personal Why.

I must say that this has not changed significantly over the past nine years. However, what has changed is my understanding that Australian industry is not just about the big end of town which IPA and our competitors tend to focus on; there is some excellent work being done in the SME sector and through individuals.

To this end, at IPA, we have changed our vision to be more inclusive in bringing people together as well as businesses.

"To create a community of leading professionals and partners with the common goal of improving the future of Australian industry, collectively making a difference."

Do you need to take another look at your Why?

Gary Silversides; CEO

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Gary Silversides

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