Behind the Numbers-250

Behind the Numbers

Business Overview

If you own a budget in an organisation, we should talk!

  1. Do you understand your budget?
  2. Unable to get additional budget funding?
  3. Is your budget focused on past performance?
Hi, my name is Robert Bihar. I have a background in Finance.

I teach those who have a non-financial background how to run and operate their budgets more effectively. Do more with what you have. And in a way that doesn’t turn your people off.

There are three parts to my work:
1. Literacy
How to understand your budget when you have not had any financial literacy training.

2. Value
How to explore and mine for the hidden value in your budget.

3. Future
Making sure your budget has a future focus to it.

When you get your budget owners across these three things, everything gets better.
I deliver onsite workshops as well as online masterclasses.
“Own your budget so it doesn’t own you.”


Business Specialties


  • Budget management and coaching
  • Financial Literacy


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