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In the modern world, there are an unbelievable amount of self-development books available to us in many formats which makes self-learning so easy.

But are there any real benefits investing the time in reading?

The key benefit for me when I read inspirational books is the self-pace element, the opportunity to take my time, go back and read sections over, take time out to reflect, but it also provides:

  1. Motivation: In life, we all struggle with motivation at times. Simply picking up a book at the start of the day can be enough to give you that kick start and your creative mind awakening. Knowing you are improving your capabilities can act as a motivator on its own.
  2. Self-awareness: One of the key attributes as a leader is knowing yourself before others, it gives us balance and encourages others to explore aspects of themselves. In the Johari Window model, we seek to find the ‘Unknown’ aspect of ourselves, reading can assist in this area of development.
  3. A different perspective: Selecting topics that may challenge you and your traditional thinking, not only adds knowledge but can start a journey of exploration and excitement. Our ability to listen to differing views is a critical aspect of coaching our team through complex and occasionally volatile situations.
  4. Development of new skills: I guess when we gain self-awareness, we also start to understand a little about areas we can improve, whether these are leadership capabilities or a more practical application. I have not read a book yet that has not given me some new knowledge or insight that can be utilised.
  5. New conversations: Books to me are a conversation starter, after reading a great book I usually cannot wait to share some noteworthy passage or inspiration that I gained from my time spent. It creates the opportunity to ask those around what their thoughts are and, on many occasions, has led directly to change in the way we do things in our business.

The next level for me would be to also have the chance to discuss my thoughts and to gain insights from the author on certain aspects of the book and my learning’s.

Industry Partners Australia is proud to announce the launch of our new book club in which the reader will now have this facility as part of the program.

So why not join us? It's 100% free and available to IPA members and non-members alike.

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