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Qualities that Define a Good Leader

I’m always happy to pass on great info...and this is great info!
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The Four Domains of Safety Leadership

Do you embody the four key leadership skills for safety excellence?
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Leadership Success Secrets

I’m always on the hunt for relevant info and I loved this!
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First Time Leaders Workshop | 6 August | Registration closing soon

Description The First Time Leaders Program will give you confidence in yourself as an individual and as a leader. You will learn about yourself and the personality traits you have which can help or hinder your personal development. You will discover how others see you and learn how to present yourself as a credible and inspiring leader.
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The HR Problems 8 out of 10 Businesses are up against

A survey held by the Association for Talent Development that looked to discover what executives thought were their biggest HR concerns in terms of the skills their future talent will need to help them survive in the business world.
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The 7 Laws of Leadership

I have put together these laws (when I say ‘laws’, I mean more like guidelines) for any leader who is looking for some direction – however, these are also great for making the most of life in general. I will expand on each one to explain why I believe they’re so important, and what they mean to me.
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What are Gemba Walks and why they should become Standard Work?

The Gemba Walk is a walk through the value creating (or destroying) processes of your business. 
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Traits of a great "change leader"

With so many companies looking to a make change in their culture, or general business aspects; we look to our leadership to drive that change. But not all leaders are prepared for, nor have the skills to drive continuous and sustainable change. What traits should you look for in a Change Leader?
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Courage - The real key to leadership

Courage for me is one the most understated traits of great leaders; we liberally discuss many other areas of leadership, but it takes courage to:
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