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Business Overview

What we do at Factory AI

Factory AI leverages advanced machine learning to forecast machine failures and recommend optimal maintenance schedules based on sensor and operational data.

This empowers reliability and maintenance teams in large-scale operations to save hundreds of thousands on unplanned downtime costs and maintenance labour expenses.

Why Now? Why is investing in our product category crucial now? 

Investing in our product category is crucial now due to rising margin pressures in the last 3 years, driven by increased labour and raw material costs. A generational shift in manufacturing emphasises the need for digital tools, aligning with the preference for data-driven solutions among new workers.

How can you measure the value this would have to you?

Our solution addresses key executive drivers by reducing monetary losses from equipment failure leading to unplanned downtime and cutting maintenance labour expenses. 

Anticipating machine failures leads to substantial savings, covering the solution's cost within 3 months. We've assisted a Sydney site projected to save $250K on one production line and over $750K at the site level.

Who else is doing this? 

Renowned brands like Bega and Arnott’s, along with a pipeline of 20 enterprise brands, highlight our proven success. 

Many reliability managers are turning to AI-driven predictive maintenance for year-on-year improvements in OEE and Uptime. Major players like Nestle, Amazon, and Unilever have embraced this transition, signalling a broader industry shift.

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