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A dedicated 'smart factory' advisory business helping manufacturers understand, plan and execute a strategy to Industry 4.0 and IIoT.

With over 40 years' experience in manufacturing across multiple sectors, most of it in factories, John Broadbent is seen as a manufacturing 'elder', having created smart factories for local and overseas businesses.

Realise Potential also offers coaching and mentoring services, as success in strategy implementation is not just about the 'tech'! People and underpinning processes form a key foundation to ensure any strategy has the highest chance of success.

Smart factories result in:

- Higher efficiencies
- Reduced waste (especially to land-fill)
- Lower utilities costs
- Improved availability of equipment (less downtime)
- Minimised labour costs

Realise Potential also provides 'smart factory readiness assessments', which review where the manufacturing business is on the I4.0 maturity path, providing an understanding of what's in place, where to go and what's needed to get there. This then provides an investment roadmap for the next 2-3 years, ensuring wise decisions are made along the journey!

Keynotes to industry bodies and companies further supports Realise Potential's passion for educating manufacturers.





I have had the privilege to work with John for the past 5 years when we engaged his company to develop an MES system and integrate shopfloor systems into our ERP system.

John is one of those rare people that has a wealth of knowledge, incredibly broad knowledge base and enjoys sharing and mentoring others.

John played a crucial role in not only design, implementation and integration but also ensuring basic business principles were in place and followed. He “gets the big picture”! 

John has knowledge and wants to share it, I think that’s actually his driving force.

His in-depth knowledge of systems and integration was invaluable in implementing a key system in our business. I continue to work with John on many new systems and enhancements and hope to do so for many, many years to come.

On a personal level, john is one of the few people in my career that have been a real mentor, on numerous levels. He is “real”, genuinely enjoys sharing his knowledge and continually learning and growing himself. A valuable asset to any project.

Richard Boyce

(Group IT Manager - Beak & Johnston, Sydney)


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A thorough understanding of the entire IoT, IIoT, Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 landscape, and how manufacturing leadership can effectively and efficiently use these to stay in business and compete on the the world stage.

Excellent keynotes and workshops for manufacturing businesses, to help them demystify, understand, plan and successfully implement smart factory projects.


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