Training Overview

The course examines the concepts of effective problem analysis, including the Problem Statement, Cause & Effect Charting, Solution generation, facilitating RCA teams, and reporting. The concepts are reinforced with many “hands-on” exercises that sharpen students' skills. Through role-playing exercises, students also hone their skills at managing diverse groups in order to maximize the results from their RCA facilitation efforts.

What will I learn?

Learn current and proven best practices in cause and effect analysis from Sologic instructors, based on our team’s extensive experience applying the Sologic method directly—to everything from major investigations, to recurring and systemic problems, to positive and proactive analyses. Also benefit from the compilation of our clients’ best practices and requests, encompassing a vast array of industries, disciplines, geographies and cultures.

By applying Sologic’s state-of-the-art RCA method to real-world problems in the Facilitator class—and benefiting from instructor mentoring—you will gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence to lead successful root cause analyses. As a result, you will be able to solve tough and recurring problems and proactively replicate successes.

In this course, students learn the five steps of Sologic Root Cause Analysis (RCA). They apply that knowledge to real-world exercises that develop the skills needed to complete an RCA or facilitate small teams through the RCA process.

What outcomes will the training provide?

Provide the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to facilitate effective problem analysis.

What is the duration of this training?

Mandatory pre-work: Completion of eRCA Fundamental online learning ~2 hours followed by an 8hour in-person session.  Total student time required ~12 hours.