Business Overview

After successfully launching their social enterprise workwear company TradeMutt, founders Ed and Dan saw a great need to remove the barriers that prevented hard-working Australians from accessing professional mental health counselling.
What they soon came to learn is that starting the conversation sometimes means that you need to continue that conversation with a professional. A professional that you can trust and relate to is not going to charge you through the nose to wait months until you can connect with them or have to hoop jump for a referral, and if you manage to get through all that to be told there’s actually no one available in your location.
TIACS was born through the realisation that there were way too many barriers to free mental health support for the blue-collar community.
Operating now since 2020, TIACS provides a free text-and-call service with qualified counsellors. Open Monday to Friday between 8.00am – 10.00pm AEST


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