Training Overview

You have a formalised problem-solving process used in your organisation, but ask yourself, do you have effective problem-solvers in every area of your business? 
Are your teams resolving the minor issues before they escalate into serious issues? 
Is your problem-solving process creating a great culture of collaboration and teamwork, and is it really working for you? 
We have seen multiple approaches to the methodology of problem-solving in industry with varying levels of success. The missing element is often effective facilitation of the problem-solving process and knowledge of critical thinking within the problem-solving teams. 
It is well recognised that the ability to “think critically” falls within the top five skills for the future. 
Critical thinking when problem-solving is a learned behaviour that will benefit your business and, more importantly, your valued employees.

What will I learn?

“Critical Thinking for Problem-Solving” is a 1-day program developed by Industry Partners Australia around the facilitation of problem-solving, bias recognition, developing problem clarity, logical reasoning, solution generation and selection techniques.

We have created an interactive and enjoyable format that allows participants to learn in an open and engaging environment. We will guide participants in developing their skills because we passionately believe that problem-solving is an opportunity, not an imposition.

Our educators have practical problem-solving experiences to draw upon. In addition, we have seen first-hand how vital correct problem-solving facilitation is to creating success.

What outcomes will the training provide?

  • Understand the elements of thinking critically.
  • Be able to identify and act on common cognitive biases that exist in problem-solving teams.
  • Lead teams towards clarity and alignment on problem understanding.
  • Learn the secrets to leading effective brainstorming.
  • Effectively educate others on developing correct cause and effect chains.
  • Think like a business owner when selecting potential solutions.

Who will benefit from this training?

Front-line employees who are involved in problem-solving. People leading problem-solving teams who wish to become more effective and those starting on their problem-solving journey.


Critical Thinking Model

What is the duration of this training?

This program is delivered over one full day.