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AI – the brave new future?

I recently attended the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) Conference
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How important is the money?

Sometimes money becomes the centrepiece in the final stages of recruitment.
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Death of the salesperson?

Are we lazy, too busy or just deskilling ourselves?
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Is it about the experience?

There is an old adage ‘it is not what you say to people it is how you make them feel’
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"Who have you got on your books?" Finding the right employee

I am often approached by clients looking for a quick solution to a resourcing problem.
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Real Recruitment Training Workshop 12 June

Interested in Real Recruitment training?  Our friends at Carroll Consulting will be holding a half day workshop in Brisbane on 12 June 2019.
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RECRUITMENT - Filtering vs selecting. Does the difference matter?

The ability to select the right person for an organisation is one of the most prized skills of leaders – because people drive an organisation’s success.
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